The Control Option® Mindset

We believe in a “One Size Fits One” approach instead of a “One Size Fits All” status quo approach. Every homeowner has a unique financial story. Our team of integrated financial resources, which includes a control option specialist, is qualified and ready to guide homeowners to help them gain greater CONTROL of their wealth and cash flow through the following steps:

  1. The Discovery Phase: Discover your financial picture/personal economy.
  2. The Strategy Phase: Create strategic options based on your financial picture.
  3. Measure and Monitor Phase: Review, monitor, and discuss the financial strategies you chose to implement regularly for the rest of your life and for future generations. Remember to inform your team of integrated financial resources when there are changes to your financial picture.

The Control Option: The Homeowner's Edition

We live in a time-starved environment, so I want to get right to the point . . .

Many homeowners are dealing with a significant challenge! The government and banks CONTROL a significant percentage of their wealth and cash flow.

THE CONTROL OPTION is filled with information that is seldom discussed or explained by anyone in the financial services industry.

The main idea I want to share is that homeowners have THE OPTION to CONTROL more of their wealth and more of their cash flow. When helping clients discover their Financial Picture, we illustrate the clients being in CONTROL of their wealth with GREEN circles, and we illustrate the government’s control of the clients’ wealth with RED circles. Individuals will begin the journey of personal financial CONTROL with assistance and guidance from a Control Option Strategist and a team of integrated financial resources. The desired result will be having more money to retain and utilize during the client’s lifetime and more wealth to pass on to their future generations and/or favorite charities.

We have a simple goal: Help as many people as possible to control their cash flow.

We are always looking to help the next individual change their world.

– Mark Benson

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